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Ruth Ricordi Per Due

May 4, 2004

Choreography: Gerald Arpino

Dancers:  Maia Wilkins & Willy Shives

Music:  Tomasso Albinnoni
Costume Design:  Maria Pinto


An elegy, and the final work by Gerald Arpino.

RUTH, Ricordi Per Due was commissioned and underwritten through a generous gift from Barbara Levy Kipper, in honor of her mother, Ruth Doctoroff Levy.

With RUTH, Arpino “managed one of his most stirring ballets, one inextricable from his own late stage of life. A straightforward elegy, it features a man whose dead lover returns as a ghostly memory, splicing technique to humanism, his specialty. Simple and pure, it’s a poem of profound love and grief.”

—Sid Smith, Chicago Tribune




October 12, 1973


Choreography: Robert Joffrey

Dancers: Maia Wilkins and Willy Shives

Music : Richard Wagner
Costume Design : Willa Kim


Remembrances is a ballet about looking back. As a woman sings her recollections of past love, a woman who remembers remains at her side to watch and reach toward a danced re-enactment of the past.

"Remembrances was shaped by the death of beloveds. Contained within the work are Joffrey's impressions from childhood—of his parents and of his relationship to Mary Ann Wells and her husband, A. Forest King... and a reflection on the place of women in his life, both maternal and romantic."

                               —Sasha Anawalt


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