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Willy Shives 


Tel. 773.209.7181. 


I am a highly-skilled and seasoned dance professional with years of experience as a Principal Dancer, Ballet Master, Répétiteur, Choreographer, and Director. I have a deep understanding and commitment to the classical art form while remaining open to the future of dance in all its forms. 



World Ballet Competition, USA - Adjudicator, Master Teacher, Gala Supervisor & Choreographer (since 2016-)

Dance Institute, Austin, TX - Ballet Coach Upper Division (2020-)

Grace Ballet Conservatory, Austin, TX - Ballet Instructor (2018-2020)

Universal Ballet, Seoul, South Korea - Répétiteur Coach (2019)

New Zealand School of Dance, Aotearoa New Zealand - Répétiteur Coach (2019)

Singapore Dance Theatre,  Singapore - Répétiteur Coach (2013)

Ballet San Antonio, TX - Artistic Director (2015-2018)

Joffrey Ballet, Chicago, IL - Principal Artist, Ballet Master, Community Engagement Coordinator, Academy Faculty (1999-2015)

Ballet Austin, TX - Principal Dancer (1998-1999 & 1982-1985)

Pittsburgh Ballet Theatre, PA - Principal Dancer (1993-1998)

Corpus Christi Concert Ballet - TX - Guest Artist (1989-1999)

Grand Rapids Ballet, MI - Guest Artist & Répétiteur Coach (1997)

Milwaukee Ballet, WI - Principal Dancer 1992-1993 & Guest Artist (1995-1999)

Minnesota Dance Theatre - Minneapolis, MN - Guest Artist (1985-1994)

Tulsa Ballet Theatre, OK - Principal Dancer (1986-1991)

St. Louis Ballet, MO. - Guest Artist (1990)

Eglevsky Ballet, NYC - Company Dancer (1981)



Antony Tudor Trust (Appointed in 2008-)

The Gerald Arpino Foundation (Appointed in 2008-)


Joffrey Ballet - Répétiteur Work

Birthday Variations (G. Arpino)

Carousel (C. Wheeldon)

Waterbaby Bagatelles (T. Tharp)

Deuce Coupe (T. Tharp)

The Dream (F. Ashton)

Rite of Spring (M. Hodson & K. Archer)

Pretty Ballet (J. Kudelka)

Crossed (J. Lang)

Round of Angels (G. Arpino)

Othello (L. Lubovitch)

Nutcracker (Joffrey/Arpino)

Lilac Garden (A. Tudor)

Dark Elegies (A. Tudor)

Age of Innocence (E. Liang)

Untitled (Pilobolus)

Return to a Strange Land (J. Kilian)

Sea Shadow (G. Arpino)

Cinderella (F. Ashton)

Viva Vivaldi (G. Arpino)

Confetti (G. Arpino)

Moor’s Pavane (J. Limon)


Singapore Dancer Theater - Répétiteur Work

Age of Innocence (by E. Liang)


Western Michigan University - Répétiteur Work

Birthday Variation (by G. Arpino) WMU VIDEO

Dark Elegies (by A. Tudor)

Viva Vivaldi (by G. Arpino)


Texas Christian University - Répétiteur Work

Birthday Variations (by G. Arpino)


Grand Rapids Ballet - Répétiteur Work

Knoxville, Summer 1915 (by: Loyce. Houlton)


Pittsburgh Ballet Theatre Dancers’ Trust Benefit, Production Director-1995 & 1996 - Répétiteur Work

Footage (by P. Anastos)

Harvest Moon (by L. Di Ribere)

Appearances (by L. Taylor-Corbett

Wingborne (by L. Houlton)


Shives Texas Tour 2001- Director

Who Cares?   ©The George Balanchine Trust


CHOREOGRAPHY (Viewing Access upon request):

  • Breakthrough (Dance Institute 2020)

  • La Foule (Dance Institute 2021)

  • Dance for Ukraine (World Ballet Competition Gala Performance 2022)

  • “Coco” Special Choreographic Commission (set to the Musical Soundtrack from Coco). Event honoring Germaine Franco, musical composer and recipient of the “Empresario for Equity” award during the 89th Annual San Antonio Hispanic Chamber of Commerce Gala Feb. 2018.

  • Elements (Premiere Nov. 2016 Luminaria Contemporary Arts Fest. San Antonio).

  • Something Stupid (Premiere Nov. 2017 Luminaria Contemporary Arts Fest. San Antonio)

  • Giselle (Ballet San Antonio. Oct. 2017)

  • The Sorcerer’s Apprentice (Ballet San Antonio. Premiere Feb. 2018)

  • Don Quixote (full-length production after Petipa)

  • The Nutcracker (full-length production)

  • Sleeping Beauty (full-length production after Petipa)

  • Bolero (Premiere April 8, 2017)

  • Amore Eterno (World Premiere McAllen, TX March 17, 2017 - music by Juan Gabriel sung by Rocío Dúrcal)

  • Solace (2013 Chicago Premiere)

  • Amulet (Zoo Ball Gala San Antonio October 2016)

  • Dancing with the Czars (Excerpts from The Sleeping Beauty) Lakeshore Symphony Orch. Chicago 2014

  • A Tropical Fiesta (a ballet celebrating Hispanic Heritage 2016)

  • Pie Jesu (2016 World Premiere San Antonio Botanic Garden)

  • Las Fundaciones de Béjar: A Mythic Opera of the Foundings of San Antonio de Béjar (Dance choreography 2016)

  • Dirty Dancing Celebration (Zoo Ball San Antonio, Oct. 2017)

  • Carmen (Pas de Deux Suite 2018)

  • Bella (Pas de Deux 2018)

  • Zacatecas - Meet Marisol for American Girl Doll Dance Performance Chicago (2005)



  • Luminaria Arts Festival Grant Choreographic Commissions 2016 and 2017

  • Ballet San Antonio, “Best Arts Organization 2017” Best of City San Antonio Magazine

  • Texas Legacy Award- for Artistic Achievement Dance Council Dallas, TX (2005)

  • "Chicagoan of the Year" by the Chicago Tribune in 2003

  • “Outstanding Artistry” by the Chicago Dance and Music Alliance 2004

  • Named one of “Chicago Theatre’s 50 Leading Characters” in 2004



TEACHING—University Programs:

  • Texas Christian University (Residency 2014)

  • Western Michigan University (Residency 2009, 2010, 2011, 2012, 2013)

  • University of Iowa Dance Dept. (Guest teacher 2004)

  • University of Pittsburgh, Dance dept. (Master classes 1994 – 1997)

  • Southern Methodist University in Dallas, TX (Master class 1987)

  • Southwest Texas University-dance dept. (Master class 1983)


TEACHING—Ballet intensive Workshops/Master classes:

  • World Ballet Competition, Orlando, FL (since 2016-) VIDEO MASTER CLASS 

  • El Paso Ballet Theatre Summer Intensive Workshop (2018)

  • Ballet West Professional Training Division (2018)

  • Texas Metropolitan Ballet-Intensive Workshop (Summers 2018-2022)

  • Collierville Ballet Intensive Seasonal Workshops (2018-2021)

  • Danzforce Academy, McAllen, TX (2018)

  • Boys & Girls Clubs of San Antonio (2015-2018)

  • Saint Mary’s Hall-Tobin Fine Arts (Guest Teacher 2016-18)

  • Edinburg Dance Center - guest teaching and workshops( Guest 2006- 2022)

  • Victoria Ballet-Master workshop (Summer 2015)

  • Ballet Lubbock-Master workshop (Summer 2015)

  • Edinburg Consolidated Independent School District - Edinburg, TX (2018, 2019, 2020)

  • Joffrey Ballet Academy of Dance (Official School of the Joffrey Ballet-Chicago)

  • Joffrey Outreach & Education (Chicago Public Schools 2012-2015)

  • Joffrey Ballet Company Classes (since 2005-2015)

  • Joffrey Summer Intensive Dance Workshop Chicago (2005-2013)

  • Joffrey Workshop Texas 2005, 2006)

  • Wilderness Dance Camp - Northern Minnesota (2000)

  • Center For Creative Arts - St. Louis (Master classes 2011)

  • Colburn School for the Performing Arts – Los Angeles, CA (Guest 2007)

  • Pittsburgh High School for the Creative and Performing Arts (Guest 2007)

  • School of Ballet Chicago (Guest 2000 –2006)

  • Chicago Ballet Arts (Guest 2006-2013)

  • Dance Place– Performing Arts High School, Washington, DC (Guest 2004)

  • Ballet Academy of Texas, Dallas, TX (Guest 2005)

  • Faubourg School of Ballet – Chicago (Guest 2003)

  • Corpus Christi Concert Ballet - Master classes (1989-1999)

  • Northeastern Regional Dance Festival (Pittsburgh, PA 1998)

  • Deborah Case Dance Academy, TX- Ongoing guest teacher TX (1999-2019)

  • Pittsburgh Youth Ballet - guest teacher (1995-1998)

  • Dance Alloy - Carnegie Museum-Pittsburgh, PA  Guest teacher (1994)

  • Edinburg, TX Rec. Dept. Community Outreach Program (1979-80)

  • Austin Contemporary Ballet (Master classes 1993-97)

  • Tulsa High School for the Performing Arts Ed. Outreach Program (1986-92)



  • “Joffrey: Mavericks of American Dance,” film documentary (2012) Bob Hercules Director

  • “The Company” Director: Robert Altman, featuring the Joffrey Ballet (Sony Classics Pictures 2003)

  • “The Dance Project” HMS Media’s first full-length series - aired on WTTW April 2005 (Samantha Albert, an acclaimed alumnus of The Second City, takes us inside the Chicago dance world, where Shives and a select group of Joffrey dancers share a unique perspective of their art form. The project was funded in large part by The Chicago Community Trust, the Richard Driehaus Foundation, and a group of individual donors).

  • Appearance on "NightTalk" Pittsburgh Cable News Network (PCNC), interview/ performance with host Steve McIntyre. • Pittsburgh Ballet Theatre (Television Commercial work)

  • CBS Sunday Morning with Charles Kuralt (1990 with Tulsa Ballet Theatre)

  • Ballet film "A Soldier's Tale." ARC Film Studio Production-New York City, June 1982 "Shives proved a fine actor as well as an accomplished dancer...All in all if one wanted to see Stravinsky's The Soldier's Tale the ARC Studio in Heights-Inwood was the place to be." —Elizabeth Prielozny arts critic Uptown (magazine NYC)

  • "Knoxville Summer of 1915" — Ballet Film directed by Jim Lund, Produced by B. Marcou and T. Purvey, Choreography by Loyce Houlton (1986)

  • "Good Morning Minneapolis" (TV appearance for Minnesota Dance Theatre).

  • Promotional appearances on News4SA (2016-2018)





“Willy Shives, is a highly interesting dancer and gave the ballet's interpolated solo a human warmth.”

—Anna Kisselgoff  (Dance Review of “Square Dance” - Kennedy Center, Balanchine Celebration; September 14, 2000).



THE NEW YORK TIMES  Millennium Issue (Sunday, December 31, 2000)

Shives was featured on the front page of the NY Times; recognized as one of the memorable highlights worth reflecting on in dance.




“Willy Shives was perfect, a roué of a bridegroom.”   —Anna Kisselgoff

(Dance Review of “Wedding Bouquet,” Ashton Celebration Lincoln Center; July 9, 2004).




“Willy Shives, an astounding dancer who immerses himself completely into every role...” —Anna Kisselgoff  (Dance Review of “Appalachian Spring,” Auditorium Theater, Chicago, October 24 2000).




"Willy Shives was especially exciting in the role perhaps most identified with the irreplaceable Edward Villella. The cavalier in Rubies is unusual in that he has to challenge the ballerina as much as he must support her, and Shives caught the spirit of the Balanchine's intentions with a vengeance. He was rhythmically alert through all the syncopations of Stravinsky's Capriccio for Piano and Orchestra, with the shimmer of a true star.” 

      — Octavio Roca, Arts Critic (October 1994).



TULSA TRIBUNE (Dance Review on ballet Billy the Kid)

“As the Kid, Willy Shives displayed explosive technical prowess and the rare ability to express blinding rage through body language. Shives projected the image of a cold-hearted killer with startling dimension.”




"Shives was in superior technical and comedic form."




“Shives’ feathery light jumps were counterpointed by his mysterious and emotionally weighty interpretation of a solo sequence that demonstrated the hidden power of this Balanchine work.” —Hedy Weiss.  (Dance Review Kennedy Center, Washington, D.C.; September 15, 2000).



CHICAGO TRIBUNE Arts Critic, Sid Smith calls Shives…

"the troupe's best male stylists." Adding further on Shives' performance in last season's "Taming of the Shrew," Mr. Smith says, "His graceful, buoyant execution is the equivalent of velvet.”



NEW CITY CHICAGO: “Players 2004” issue. Willy Shives was among a respected class of Players who made the 2004 list (An annual list composed of 50 of the most celebrated and respected artists working on stage or behind the scenes in Chicago.




The reviewer writes of Lew Christensen's Filling Station...

"Shives unleashed explosive technical power and all-American exuberance that sent sparks into the audience. His high, resilient leaps (as though sprung from some invisible trampoline) and split jumps appeared to stop in midair. Fast multiple turns and crisp entrechants brought well deserved applause."




"Shives had it all: bravado, playfulness and technical surety in one compact package."

            —Jane Vranish (Dance Review of Balanchine's Tarantella)




"Willy Shives solos were frequently interrupted by enthusiastic applause. Shives, a technically advanced dancer who can jump like a pole vaulter and turn as quickly as a motorcycle wheel, has the kind of bravado spirit that converts football playing macho men into ballet lovers."



MINNEAPOLIS STAR & TRIBUNE calls Willy Shives "compact, virtuosic, and full of charm."





Houston Ballet Academy - Houston, TX

School of American Ballet - NYC (School of the New York City Ballet)

Harkness Ballet School - NYC

American Dance Machine – NYC

Southern Methodist University Dallas, TX (Summer Programs)

Rio Grande Valley Civic Ballet - McAllen, TX

Gisela Noreiga Flamenco Company - Rio Grande Valley, TX




Royal Academy of Dance

French School





Martha Graham Technique

Lester Horton

Lee Theodore, American Dance Machine-Jazz

Alvin Ailey




Latin Dance

Spanish Flamenco




Edinburg High School, Edinburg,TX (Graduate 1980)

Has Attended:

  • University of Texas at Austin

  • University of Texas - Pan American

  • Tulsa Junior College - Tulsa, OK

  • Austin Community College - Austin, TX



  • Understands how to positively impact the community with art and culture

  • Effective and knowledgable public speaker and communicator

  • Ability to manage groups while collaborating with team members to meet the common mission and goals of the organization.

  • Understands the importance of an arts education for all and is able to develop programming that focuses on equity, diversity, and inclusiveness.

  • Ability to make decisions and meet deadlines

  • Ability to manage artistic and business matters

  • Fluent Spanish Speaker

  • Computer MS Office Skills




First Aid Certified

Water Safety Instructor & Professional Rescuer- Lifeguard American Red Cross



The performance list may contain omissions, as it is intended to provide a more general list of Shives’ extensive performance repertoire.


Joffrey Ballet Repertoire

Age of Innocence

Allegro Con Sabor

Billy the Kid

Birthday Variations



Deuce Coupe

*Dark Elegies

Frankie and Johnny


L’Air D’Esprit

L’Après-Midi d’un Fauné

Le Sacre du Printemps

Le Noces

Les Patineurs

Light Rain

Lilac Garden


Partita for R & J


Pretty Ballet

The Prodigal Son

The Nutcracker

Return to a Strange Land




Romeo and Juliet

Round of Angels

Ruth, Ricordi per Due

Square Dance

Suite Saint-Saëns

Taming of the Shrew


Viva Vivaldi


Balanchine Repertoire

Allegro Brillante

Ballet Imperial

The Four Temperaments


Mozart Violin Concerto

The Nutcracker

The Prodigal Son


Scotch Symphony


La Sonnambula

Square Dance

Steadfast Tin Soldier

Stars and Stripes

Symphony in C


Western Symphony

Who Cares?


Classical Repertoire

Le Bayadere


Le Corsaire


Don Quixote



La Fille Mal Gardee

The Flames of Paris



Nutcracker Fantasy

Paquita Pas de Trois



Romeo and Juliet

Sleeping Beauty

Suite En Blanc

Swan Lake

Les Sylphides

La Sylphide


American Ballet Repertoire

Appalachian Spring

Ballad of You and Me

Billy the Kid

Con Amore

Le Combat

Filling Station

Frankie and Johnny

The Greatest

The Great Gatsby

Harvest Moon

Knoxville Summer of 1915

The Mighty Casey



Ballet Russe Repertoire

Le Beau Danube

Les Biches

Le Combat

Cirque de Deux


Frankie and Johnny

Gaite Parisienne


Graduation Ball

Mozart Violin Concerto


Paquita Pas de Trois


Raymonda Variatons



Sleeping Beauty

Suite En Blanc

L’Après-Midi d’un Fauné

Le Sacre du Printemps

Le Noces

Les Sylphides

Swan Lake



Includes, but is not limited to the following:

Works By Loyce Houlton

Ancient Air

Chicare (The Rebel Angel)

Beauty and the Beast

Lone Poems

Poem for October


Knoxville Summer of 1915



Works By F. Ashton

The Dream

Wedding Bouquet


Works By Lynne Taylor Corbett


Great Galloping Gottschalk


Works by Ben Stevenson




Works by Ohad Naharin

Tabula Rasa


Works by John Cranko

Taming of the Shrew

Romeo and Juliet


Works by Michael Smuin

The Tempest


Works By Kenneth. MacMilllan

Elite Syncopations


Works By Peter Anastos

The Fairy's Kiss


Yes Virginia, Another Piano


Ballet Works by Antony Tudor

Lilac Garden

Dark Elegies

Little Improvisations

Offenbach in the Underworld


Works By Ruth Page

The Merry Widow



Works By Bruce Wells

A Midsummer Night's Dream

The Great Gatsby

Romeo and Juliet


Works by Jiri Kylian

Return to a Strange Land





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