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Don Quixote

Ballet San Antonio Premiere October 14, 2016

Choreography by © Willy Shives

after M. Petipa & Alexander Gorsky

Music:  Ludwig Minkus 

The three-act ballet production of Don Quixote by Willy Shives weaves a tale of romance, delusion and daring adventure in pursuit of dreams real and imagined. The ballet is beloved for its comedic flourishes, larger-than-life characters, and thrilling bravura dancing. 


Video Preview shown above


  © by Willy Shives

      after M. Petipa, J. Perrot & J. Coralli. 

      music by A. Adam

      Photo credit: A. Devora


  © by Willy Shives

       music by F. Liszt

(Premiered November 2016  Luminaria Contemporary Arts Festival San Antonio)


  © by Willy Shives

      music by M. Ravel

Premiered April 8, 2017

Photo credit: A. Devora

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© by Willy Shives, All rights reserved

Choreographic Works:

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